This is a fan blog dedicated to the orginal Charlie's Angels series that ran from 1976 to 1981. I'm not affiliated with the show or any other fan-sites. Requests and inquiries are welcome. ♥

Whoever wants this blog can have it. I’m too depressed to take care of it lol. xo

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Cheryl Ladd

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Gorgeous Farrah!

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"eight is not your lucky number!”

requested by anon
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Farrah Fawcett playing tennis match. 1977

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Carol Burnett & Company-Prenuptial Part 1 Rare - YouTube


I own 4 episode of Carol Burnett and Company it’s very rare from what I heard I already post a couple On youtube but here one with Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway, Cheryl Ladd, Craig Richard Nelson, and Kenneth Mars

Part II coming soon

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Farrah Fawcett-Majors at a tennis match, 1977.

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Divinity Chapter 1: Joan Crawford, a charlie's angels fanfic | FanFiction


This is a worthwhile read for any true Charlie’s Angels fan. I have never come across a story quite like it. 


Jaclyn Smith in Charlie’s Angels (1976).

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Farrah Fawcett attending a party in Los Angeles, 1979.

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